• I can’t say enough wonderful things about Janet!! She helped me with nursing my first back in 2021. We met at the hospital after giving birth, my little guy had a tongue tie and we used a nipple shield until we were able to successfully wean with Janet’s guidance. She held consultation visits in my home until I returned to work and had great tips for preparing me for that transition. We nursed until almost 19 months old. Then, this year when we welcomed our second I was delighted to have Janet as my LC in the hospital again! She truly is the sweetest and I loved so much having her there for this experience with our second addition. Janet helped ensure latch and position were going well. She has visited me in the home again, and plan to until I return to work. Janet is incredibly knowledgeable and knows all the tips and tricks to make nursing a wonderful journey. I don’t know what I’d do without her! One of the things I love the most about our in home visits is with breastfeeding you don’t truly know how much baby is consuming, so I like being able to weigh the baby, nurse, then weigh again to calculate so we have an idea. It’s also reassuring for her to evaluate latch and positions so I know we are on the right track or not creating any habits that may be tough to break. Thank you so much Janet!!– Cynthia
  • Every new mom needs a Janet! I’m 16 months into breastfeeding and couldn’t have made it this far without her support. Janet was a lifesaver for me from literally day one. Our son had high jaundice levels right as we were about to leave the hospital, which required me to supplement with donor milk and start pumping right away. I was completely overwhelmed and panicked but Janet sat with me and answered all 9000 of my questions. I left the hospital feeling confident, informed and supported. Once we were home, Janet acted as a lifeline for the first few months and beyond. I was able to message or set up calls whenever I needed support. She even came to my house to evaluate my son’s latch and have me do a weighted feed when I had concerns. I also attended the monthly breastfeeding support zoom calls she runs through mainline which were a huge help. I truly do not think I would still be breastfeeding without the help of Janet and for that I am forever grateful! Highly recommend hiring her as your lactation consultant- you will not regret it!– LeAnne
  • I really appreciate all of your advice throughout this whole process. You always addressed my questions with promptness and accuracy.  You also never judged me or made me feel bad about supplimenting!  I was very proud of myself for making it to 4 months exclusively, and I have you to thank.
    – Heather
  • Janet and I met after I had my second baby, George. Even as a second time mom, I was nervous and unsure about breastfeeding because my first didn’t latch at all despite lots of effort (I wish I had Janet back then). George latched in the hospital but after a week or so, I was having intense pain and I was not sure he was getting all that he needed. He was slow to gain weight and the doctors warned me we may need to supplement. Janet came to my home and worked with us. She was AMAZING!! She assessed his mouth and his latch and made suggestions. Since I wanted breastfeeding to work this time, I kept in close contact with Janet, emailing her often. She always got back to me so quickly with advice, support and encouragement. Her words of wisdom came from experience of doing it herself and also helping so many other women and babies. I was probably a pretty demanding mom with a lot of questions, but Janet was always patient with me, giving me confidence. With Janet’s help, I surpassed my breastfeeding goals! Thank you, Janet!!
    – Danielle
  • I’m happy to report that I am still nursing Mikey (he’s almost 7 months already!). My original goal was 6 months but we are sticking with it since it’s been working well for us and a large part is thanks to you for helping me out early on!
    – Kim
  • As a first time Mom I was overwhelmed with inexperience and didn’t have a clue about breastfeeding. I wasn’t sure how it would work especially when I found out I was expecting twins! Thanks to Janet and her support I was able to conquer breastfeeding by twin boys! As a lactation consultant, she provided me with the support, advice, experience and knowledge needed to get me through the many challenges I encountered. At almost 10 months, my boys are still breastfeeding and I am one proud Momma! I would recommend Janet to any Mommy facing obstacles with breastfeeding.
    – Stacey
  • I just wanted to send a quick hello and thank you- we have made it to 7 months-plus and still going. Thank you again for all of your help. We would not have made it this far without you.
    – Gina